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BOSSHELM was founded in 2015 in the lively heart of West Java, Indonesia. The company began as a motorcycle safety helmet traders for Indonesia’s local brands. Bagus Aditya Jaya is our founder who wants to supports Indonesia’s local helmet brands to grow. He believes that it is the time for Indonesian youth to start loving and wearing the local products. Embrace the local street riding style while stay updated with what’s in trend. BOSSHELM providing various of wide collective local-brands helmet from around Indonesia. 2017 was to mark a major turning point for the company. Thanks to our loyal costumers who brought our company into that level. Our Founder who started from humble beginnings, was able to launch the company into the global market with a personal range of products. Together with you, we cannot wait to see the bright future of Indonesia’s local products.
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RP 25,000
RP 25,000
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